Thursday, January 26, 2012

A couple PRs in the gym

I took both Monday and Tuesday as rest days and I felt ready to go last night in the gym. After our warm-up, we worked on back squats using a 5-5-3-3-1-max rep scheme, starting at about 65% of one rep max. This is not an ideal scheme to hit a new PR, but I felt pretty good as I progressed through the workout. I started at 225, then 240, 255, 275 and 295. Even at 295, I felt pretty good. So, I decided to try for 320, which is five pounds heavier than my PR. I first hit 315 in May of last year, and then repeated that weight twice more last year.

I was very happy with my single rep at 320 - decent depth, I stayed upright, and it was never in doubt. I'm sure that with a proper warm-up, I can go 5-15 pounds higher than I did last night.

After the squats, the main workout was rowing 2K as fast as possible. In some ways, I'd rather row 5K, because the intensity at 2K is brutal. I knew when I sat down that I wanted to go sub-8, which I'd never done before. Despite being warned about not going out too hard, I managed to do it anyway, although not too badly. I hit the first 500 in about 1:55, the second in 1:57, and the last two were each just over 2 minutes. The last 250 meters was really tough, but I hung on for a 7:57.

My total "working" time in the gym was less than 12 minutes last night, lifting and rowing combined. In that time, I got two PRs and a great workout. I'm ready for more at CrossFit tonight.

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