Thursday, January 5, 2012

So close

After work yesterday, I headed to CrossFit. Our workout started with six sets of deadlifts, done in sets of 5-5-3-3-1-max. We were supposed to start at 65% of our current max and move up from there. I started higher than 65%, and the first five sets were 255, 275, 295, 315 and 335. I felt pretty good at this point. Knowing that I'd done three consecutive reps at 355 on Monday, I wanted a different challenge. So, I took at shot at 405, a weight that's been a goal for a while. I got the bar a couple inches off the ground, but stalled out and couldn't finish it.

However, I had probably done too many heavy DLs between Monday and yesterday to have my best chance. I think I'm close and I'm sure I'll get it by the end of the month, if I can stay healthy.

After the deads, we did a 12 minute, max rep workout, doing 20 wall balls followed by 10 sumo deadlift high pulls, repeat until time expires. I did level 1, using a 14# med ball and 65# for the high pulls. I did just under six rounds, and after pushing too hard in some recent workouts, I deliberately controlled the pace in this one. Overall, I was pretty happy with my pacing and effort. As I get a few more weeks of CF workouts under my belt, I'll be able to push harder through the main workouts.

My ribs were sore after the workout last night, and I think it was from the wall balls, although attempting a 400+ pound deadlift can't be discounted.

Tonight, I'll do a quick 5K row after work and then do CF tomorrow, before skiing all weekend.

Back to work...

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