Tuesday, January 17, 2012


In my last post, I said I felt like I'd been on a roll, but I also felt like I needed a rest day. And on Friday, I took a rest day.

On the weekend, I skied hard with my small herd of students and we had a great time, spending most of the weekend on single black and double black trails, most of them covered with sweet, soft moguls. By Sunday night, I was feeling really drained. I came straight home from the mountain after work, rather than skiing a few extra runs, and took a nap before dinner. I went to bed early knowing that I was getting sick.

By the end of the work day yesterday, my whole body ached. I was working a bit late, and sometime after it got dark, I basically fell asleep beside my laptop. (I worked from home yesterday and I was working on my bed when I fell asleep.)

This morning, I still feel pretty wrecked, so I'm working from home again. I certainly don't want to infect anyone in the office. I took an Alleve a little while ago, and I hope it helps me to feel better.

So, no workout yesterday and certainly none today. I'll be back as soon as my body says it's ready.

I was sick in mid-November. I was sick in early April last year. I was sick in mid-October of 2010. I was sick in early March of 2010. I was sick in January of 2010. That means I've been sick six times in 25 months right now.

As I look through my training logs, I see words like "sore" or "exhausted" or "beat up" way too often. I see periods of time where I take time off because I'm sick or feeling burnt out and beat up.

I'm guessing that none of this is a coincidence.

I'd like to say that getting old sucks, but from looking at my logs, it's more likely that training excessively is just plain stupid.

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