Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wow - almost two weeks with no posts

I use this blog thingie as much to talk to myself as anyone else, I suppose. I continue to be swamped at work, and I've apparently been too busy to even write anything saying I was too busy to write anything.

Two weekends ago, I worked most of the weekend, but we had a nice celebration for my daughter and mother-in-law for their birthdays. The adults shared a bottle of 1993 Lafite Rothschild - a rare treat of a wine, even if it wasn't from the greatest vintage.

Then, after the weekend, it was back to work. I only worked four days last weekend because I was going to PA for a long weekend this past weekend. So, in four days, I managed a couple workouts and a lot of work. The highlight of the week was probably a 60 minute run with my wife, my son, and both dogs on a beautiful spring evening. By the end of the run, I was sneezing uncontrollably from tree pollen, but it was still a great run. In a lifting workout last week, I got to within five pounds of my (pathetic) bench press PR, but stopped there.

Then, we went to PA for the weekend. We visited with family and friends, we saw Penn State's annual spring football scrimmage, we watched a lot of hockey on TV, and we drank plenty of beer. For three days (one e-mail excepted), I didn't work.

So, now I'm back at work, and I'm also trying hard to get back to working out. It seems that I might find myself entered in a trail 50K for August pretty soon. So, I need to get moving.

This morning, I lifted before work, and I got my PR on the bench press - two reps at 175#. I tried 185# and just missed, but I'm sure I'll get it next time.

Today, it's snowing like crazy outside and it's supposed to continue through tomorrow morning, and stay cold all day tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll run outside after work tomorrow rather than doing a treadmill workout. I certainly hope I'm done with the treadmill for the winter.

This Saturday or Sunday, it's looking like I might even be able to get outside on my road bike.


Harriet said...

Good job on the 175. Yes, this is Ollie...don't ask. :-)

Damon said...

I knew who it was. It's still a goal of mine to get to 225, but it seems to be taking forever. I guess that's what happens when you start lifting at age 45 and try to be a runner and a lifter. Regretfully, I'm doing both poorly these days.