Thursday, April 15, 2010

Too Soon

So, after running a bit on Tuesday, I decided to return to the gym last night. I decided to do a similar workout to the one where I hurt my back two weeks ago. But, instead of 5x5 of the powerlifts with heavy (for me) weight, I'd do 3x15 of each lift with lighter weights.

Squats went pretty well, although I felt one twinge in my back during a single rep.

Bench presses went pretty well except for the ridiculously low amount of weight I had to use to get in all the reps.

And, to be safe, I kept the weight really low on deadlifts, but they still ended up bothering my back a bit. Not too much, but some.

So, after running on Saturday, skiing Sunday, lifting Monday, running Tuesday and lifting Wednesday, today seems like a good day for a rest day.

Besides, like usual, I'm swamped at work.

I can't figure out which company is more difficult to deal with these days - SAP or Microsoft. I've purchased software from each of them recently, but just getting the media from the web was quite a task. I've got the media now, but both companies refuse to give me product keys for something I have paid for. I guess when you're a tiny little company, making tiny little purchases in the eyes of the big guys, it's not worth their effort to actually give you what you paid for.

Back to the trenches...

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