Friday, April 9, 2010

Bad confluence of events

My back is hurting me. My hamstring has been injured for almost a year.

I've run fewer miles since last July than any similar period in the last 25 years.

I'm down a person at work and I am swamped with a lot of projects there - the perils of working for a start-up company.

My wife recently got a promotion and she's been working a lot of hours. We often keep each other honest by going to the gym together or running together, but neither of us wants to work out right now.

My weight has crept up for the last six months to about as high as it's ever been. I'm no longer comfortable at all in my own body.

My motivation seems to be completely gone, especially when workouts are impeded by injuries, and they are just no fun.

I've had to buy some new (larger) clothes - not a good sign.

Ski season is over, so I'm not required to ski on the weekends.

All of this seems to be giving me more time to work, which is not helping in any way.

It feels like I'm spiraling badly to somewhere I don't want to be.

I'm working on eating better, but it's not enough. I need to get my butt moving or I'm going to need even bigger clothes.


Laurel said...

Damon, we all start having highs and lows in our athletic lives if we stick with it long enough. Speaking from personal experience, I think it helps to have a goal on the horizon to get motivated. It doesn't have to be a big race or anything. How about working on getting in good enough running shape to pace someone at Vermont 100 this year? I know you've always been very involved in that event soit might be a reasonable and motivating goal.

janinsanfran said...

Been there. It's awful, especially the injuries leading to weight, leading to less workouts ...

If it helps at all to hear this, I have (again) gotten to the other side of several years of this kind of spiral; today I weigh less and am "running" more than for the last five years. That is, it is possible to dig oneself out of these seasons, though as we age the results are less. At least for me.

Hang in there.

Damon said...

Thanks for the comments Laurel and Jan. I was actually thinking this morning about the need for a goal and how the lack of one is making it easier to slack off. So, I think I have a goal for October and I need some other smaller things to shoot for between now and then. Pacing at VT is a good one.