Friday, January 8, 2010


I caught a cold around Thanksgiving. It didn't seem like a big deal, but I had a cough from the cold that has lingered for weeks. My doctor even suggested I take prednisone to try to get rid of the cough. I passed on that option because prednisone and I don't get along very well.

The cough finally seemed to be disappearing this week. And now, I've got a cold again.

So, after a slow month in December, I was really ready to work hard in the gym and on my running. Plus, I'm supposed to ski the next four days. Right now, I just want to go back to bed until this cold is gone.

The cold has me so tired that I fell asleep at halftime of the football game last night and woke up after midnight. My wife told me the final score of the game when I got up this morning. It sounds like I missed an interesting half of football.

My daughter is happy now. She pretty much "owns" our television, but I use the TV to watch college football. When I told her that last night's game was the last college football game of the season, she was very excited. I guess this means that the TV will be permanently tuned to re-runs of Charmed until September.


Harriet said...

I invested about 150 dollars for a small HD TV that I keep upstairs in my shortwave radio "shack" (with my laptop); Olivia calls it my "man cave".

Damon said...

In my house, after dinner, people tend to spread out. We manage to eat dinner together most nights, but as soon as dinner is over, it's like 4 people who don't know each other. I go into my bedroom and read or practice guitar. My daughter watches TV until bedtime if her homework is done. My son goes upstairs to the PC and plays Warcraft until bedtime. Sometimes, my wife reads in bed. Other times she hangs out with my daughter or does laundry or dishes. And, the dogs go wherever the largest amount of humanity can be found to keep them company.

I need a man cave - big screen TV, DVD player, good speaker system, treadmill, maybe a wet bar and a big comfy couch.

Speed Racer said...

Blech! I hate winter. Back when I used to leave the house and be around other people, I used to be sick all winter. Being a freelance shut-in is definitely the way to go. It helps not to have kids either.

Feel better!