Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Proud Papa

My son passed his PSIA Level 1 Certification Exam! He is now the youngest instructor at Sugarbush to have this certification - a nice distinction in a ski school with more than 300 instructors. I talked to his examiner yesterday and was told that my son was both a good skier and a good instructor. Hopefully, this will now lead to him getting better work assignments at the mountain. I could not be prouder of my son right now. And, I know that I also have his "skiing godfather" to thank for his progress. My son's coach for his last few years as a student is an excellent skier and an excellent instructor. He sponsored my son as a junior member of PSIA and has continued to take an interest in his skiing journey as an instructor. I hope this is the first step on a long journey for my son.

My son is probably a fairly typical teenage boy - not really prone to exuberance, at least around adults. But yesterday, he was clearly very happy and very pleased with his exam performance. It was nice to see him so excited about something in the "grown-up" world.

On my side of things, I continue to fight an illness. I wrote two days ago about starting a new workout routine, but it hasn't happened. I am taking codeine for a bad cough and I'm also taking antibiotics, which I'd resisted for the past couple weeks. But, the doctor convinced me on Monday morning to try some antibiotics because I wasn't getting better.

Today, my entire body aches as if I'd done my planned hard workouts the past two days. Rest is needed.

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