Thursday, January 14, 2010

Squat Night

My lungs are still a bit congested, so I decided to lift rather than run last night. After skiing for the four previous days, I was thinking I should probably do an upper body workout, but it had been two weeks since my last squat workout, so I went with that instead.

My legs felt fine for the opening squat sets, but then didn't like some of the later lifts. I started out with the following squat sets, after my warm-up, with a 3 minute break between sets:

6 x 225
1 x 245
6 x 225
1 x 265
1 x 280 - a PR and a much "cleaner" squat than my 275 a few weeks ago
12 x 185
20 x 135

After that, I did Bulgarian split squats and step-ups, and here I could feel the tiredness in my legs from skiing. Then, some core work and I was done.

I'm still coughing today, so I'm going to lift again rather than trying to run. Tonight will be an upper body lifting night, letting my legs recover a bit before I ski with a PSIA national team member as part of a training day at Sugarbush tomorrow.

After that, I hope to use my 3 days of clinics this week to inject some new tricks into my ski instruction over the weekend.

Now, if it would just snow...

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