Sunday, June 7, 2009

Solid 30 miler

"Just in Time" training - that's what I'm calling it.

Two weeks ago, I dropped out of 50 miler because my leg wasn't happy. But, yesterday, I cruised through a 30 miler and my fastest miles were the last 8. It wasn't fast, but I did run at a faster pace than I ran my 22 miler last Saturday.

So, here are my last few weekends worth of workouts:

5/9: 43 mile bike ride
5/16: Four hours of hills
5/23: Just under four hours of rolling terrain, mostly hiking
5/30-31: 22 on Saturday, 10 mountain miles on Sunday
6/6: 30 miles

Next Saturday, I'll do a somewhat long but slow hike in the mountains and then my taper will get serious.

Hopefully, the weather will cooperate enough for me to get in some mountain run/hikes this coming week as well.

Today, I'll go out for a bike ride - probably 90 minutes or so at an easy level of effort. Tomorrow will be a rest day.

Three weeks from today, I intend to be getting that buckle in California.

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Jamie said...

Excellent! Sounds like it's coming together just in time. See you again in a few weeks!