Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two days to go!

I'm in Homewood, CA right now, about 13 or so miles from the entrance to Squaw Valley. I got a good night of sleep after a long day yesterday.

My left hamstring was bothering me a bit yesterday after my run on Tuesday night. I ran 4 miles at about 9:20 pace Tuesday night and that was more than my hamstring wanted to do. So, I spent yesterday stretching in airports and just relaxing, and then my wife did some massage work on the hamstring last night. I'm feeling much better today.

I decided to skip the flag raising this morning at Squaw, but I will head over there in a while and do a couple miles on the course.

The current forecast for Saturday shows a high of 90F in Foresthill, but I imagine the canyons will be much hotter than that. The high temperature for Auburn is forecast to be 97 on Saturday and 99 on Sunday. Hopefully, I'll get to Auburn Sunday morning before the heat gets tough, but the last climb of the race is on an east-facing slope that heats up quickly in the morning.

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