Monday, June 8, 2009

Bike Ride, Rest Day, and Twitter

As planned, I went out for an easy bike ride yesterday. The weather was somewhat threatening, so I only rode for 20 miles in just under 80 minutes. I stayed in the small chainring the entire time, just spinning easily rather than pushing bigger gears with my tired legs. At about mile 13, a few raindrops fell, but the real rain didn't start until after my ride. Overall, it was a very pleasant ride and my legs felt pretty good after 30 running miles on Saturday.

In many ways, buying a road bike this spring has turned out to be a very good decision. First of all, I'm having fun riding on a road bike again. Secondly, with the hamstring injury, the bike has given me a way to train when I couldn't run. And lastly, the bike has turned out to be a great way to do something when my legs are beat up and I want to burn a few calories but I don't want to run.

Today is a planned rest day. I was tired last night and fell asleep by 8:30. Today, I woke up without an alarm clock by 5:30 and I started working by 6:30. I have a PT appointment today and after work, I'll mow the lawn. Big excitement.

A week from now, the Twitter area that I just added to this blog will probably have comments that seem strange to my three or so blog readers. I'll be chaperoning a school trip to Costa Rica for a week, and I've agreed to use Twitter to keep parents updated on how our group is doing through the week.

The weather forecast for this week doesn't look very promising. It sounds like it's going to rain for most of the week, which could make it tough for me to do mountain hikes after work on Tuesday and Thursday. If I can't safely head into the mountains, I can just run instead. I won't get any heat training this week. Tomorrow, we might not even see 60F.

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