Monday, June 22, 2009

Home from Costa Rica

I can't even begin to describe our trip in a single post. Plus, I'm trying to catch up at work and sift through 700 e-mail messages. And, I have to get the new software update for my iPhone.

For now, I'll just say that Costa Rica was great and I highly recommend it to anyone as a vacation destination. We were treated so well by the residents at every turn. Activities included hiking, running (well, I ran once, not the rest of the group), whitewater rafting, jungle canopy ziplining, canyoneering where we rappelled down waterfalls, etc. We saw so much amazing wildlife and plant life. Because I did more hiking than the rest of the group, I saw some animals that others didn't see.

I leave for CA and Western States on Wednesday morning. I'm sure the week in Costa Rica helped with acclimation, but it now appears that Saturday will be a hot day. The heat is going to be an issue if the forecast is accurate. But, that's part of the race and I'll deal with it accordingly.

The attached photo is a pair of scarlet macaws. They are mainly found on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, and we were told we were very lucky to see them. More photos will show up in the coming days, as I have time.

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