Friday, March 23, 2012

Please don't let it be over already!

First things first, CrossFit. With the final qualifying workout for the CrossFit games tonight, last night wasn't too bad. It was a workout analogous to Chief, but with different movements:

5 rounds, as many reps as possible, working for 3 minutes and then resting for one minute:
3 deadlifts 225# prescribed, I did 185#
6 push-ups (I did sit-ups to protect my shoulder)
9 box jumps.

In the first three minutes, I did 3 rounds plus one deadlift. In the second work interval, I did three rounds plus two deadlifts. In the third interval, I did three rounds minus three deadlifts, putting me at 9 rounds through three work intervals. In the fourth, I struggled, and did two rounds, plus the deadlifts, sit-ups and only two box jumps. In the final round, I struggled again and didn't get to three rounds. Reps per work interval:


This was a good and tough workout on a warm day, one that won't tax me too much for skiing this weekend.

And, speaking of skiing, please, as stated above, don't let it end so soon. I typically ski about 50 days per year. This year, I'm at 36 and it looks like Sunday will be the end of the season. Every day I've skied this year, I've either been working or doing an educational clinic. I have not had a single day to simply ski on my own or with friends this year. I typically look forward to April, when I get to ski with friends in spring snow conditions and spring weather. But, with the early spring this year, it appears that most resorts in the northeast will be done by Sunday, including Sugarbush. For today, there are only 9 trails open. There is some hope for 4 more trails tomorrow, but I doubt that this will happen. We have some fun events this weekend - dummy big air (people put decorated dummies on skis and launch them off a ramp), pond skimming (put on a costume, go down a steep ramp and try to skim across a pond without submerging) and an end-of-season party. Tonight, I have to fill out "report cards" for my nine students this year. And by Sunday, it appears it will all be over.

This will be the earliest end to a ski season since I've moved to VT. (Insert obligatory sad emoticon here)

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