Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CrossFit and Heat

The heat right now is just depressing. Yes, it's nice to have warm, sunny days, but ski season is running out fast. The mountain where I teach had 111 trails open last Tuesday, but it's been decreasing rapidly since then, and today and tomorrow are supposed to be the warmest days of this heat wave. As of this morning, we were down to 37 trails, and we'd even lost some upper elevations trails with man-made snow. Hopefully, we'll at least get through the weekend, but my typical April skiing (when I get to ski on my own) may never happen this year.

The gym last night was oppressively warm as well. I've heard that today's workout is outside, which should be better. I'm still modifying my workouts to prevent further injury to my shoulder, but recent rehab work I've done on my own has improved my range of motion, even though I'm not back to strength movements involving the shoulder.

We started last night with 5x5 of back squats, at 75%, 80%, 85%, 75% and 65% of our one-rep max. For me, this turned out to be 245, 265, 280, 245 and 215. Well, that's what I did and it's close enough to the prescribed percentages. Then, the main workout was as follows:

8 minutes, as many reps as possible:
5 overhead squats
10 burpees

I knew I couldn't do OH squats, so I did front squats instead. In the first round, I tried burpees, but the landing wasn't comfortable for my shoulder, so I switched to sit-ups, doing 15 instead of 10. I did 6 full rounds plus 5 reps of my modified workout and I was soaked with sweat afterward. I did pace the workout well and I was happy with how strong I felt through the 8 minutes.

Tonight, it's back to CrossFit, and I'm hoping it will be under 80F when I get there. The current temperature in the town where I live is 86F.

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