Thursday, March 8, 2012

Easy Run

It was warm and sunny yesterday, I was working from home, which is far from the CrossFit box, and my shoulder was sore. It seemed pretty obvious that I needed to get out for a run yesterday.

According to my workout logs, the last time I ran for my workout, rather than some running as part of a CF workout, was 10/24/2011. The last time I ran more than 3 miles in a day was an 11 mile trail run last August. So, not being very smart, I headed out for a four miler to see how it would feel. And, it went OK.

I wasn't happy when my Garmin Forerunner simply shut down after a little more than a mile. Perhaps it was telling me that it hasn't appreciated being neglected so much. Or, maybe it needs a new battery, but it's less than a year old. I updated the firmware today and re-charged it, so I'll see how it works later today.

I could feel that my stride was a bit off. This has been an ongoing problem for me over the years and I've seen a chiropractor regularly to deal with a functional leg length discrepancy. I've had no need to see him recently, but perhaps it's time.

My best guess for the run was 4 miles in 45 minutes or so. Most of the time, I ran at about a 10mpm pace, but I did walk a few uphills.

I'll probably do the same course again this afternoon.

My shoulder continues to bother me, but I was able to sleep without taking any Alleve last night, an improvement over the night before.

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