Monday, September 13, 2010

Another week starts well and fizzles out

The pattern seems to just be continuing. Last Monday was a great bike ride. Tuesday was an upper body lifting workout that went really well. Wednesday was a track workout - 4x100, 4x200, and 4x100 - an old favorite workout that I haven't done for years. My speed (or lack thereof) is pathetic, but it was a fun workout. And then, on Thursday, I had a chiropractor appointment (he released me, thinking that the Synvisc injection has helped me a lot to keep my stride more event) and I needed to get groceries.

Friday afternoon, the fire alarm went off at work mid-afternoon. It turned out to be a bomb scare and we were locked out of our building for hours. I had my phone and wallet with me, but no car keys, so I was stuck in Burlington overnight. I spent the night out with friends of mine.

By the time I got home Saturday, I had to start cooking for a small party we were having on Saturday night, to watch the Penn State vs. Alabama football game. So, once again, a workout didn't happen.

On Sunday, I simply slept in, did some lawnwork, and watched some movies - no valid excuses there.

So, I worked out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then let the rest of the week slide. This is happening way too often.

Lifting tonight, if I ever get out of work.

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