Friday, August 27, 2010

Settling back into the routine of being home

Anybody know the song "Birth School Work Death" by the Godfathers?

Well, my vacation is over (which category does a vacation fall into anyway?), so I'm back to the Work mode. Better than Death, I suppose.

After a lot of eating and drinking in CA, I'm back to trying to pay more attention to my exercise and my nutrition. Tomorrow, I'm part of a six-person relay team running 100 miles on the roads here in VT. Each runner does three legs, and mine vary from 4.0 miles to 7.0. This will be my third time doing the 100 on 100 relay, and it's always been fun. But, I've been more fit the two previous times, so we'll see how this one leaves me feeling.

Starting Monday morning, some of my workout schedules will be changing. Students are back in college here in VT, and I use a gym in a college for my lifting. This means early morning lifting to avoid the peak crowds in the evening.

When I've been at my highest fitness levels, I've been exercising in the mornings. When I exercise in the morning, it means I'm not staying up late the night before, doing things I shouldn't be doing. With the days getting shorter and work days seeming to go on pretty long these days, getting back to morning workouts seems to be the way to go. In reality, I want to try to work out in the morning every day, not just lifting days, but I seem to have given that up about 16 months ago and I haven't gotten back to what's worked in the past. So, it's time.

Let's see if I'm still saying that by the end of September. Or next week.

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