Monday, August 9, 2010

Great weekend

After the race on Friday night, despite how slow I was, I decided to give the legs some rest on Friday. I did an upper body lifting workout on Friday night and then headed home to do some cooking and cleaning.

On Saturday, we headed to my in-laws' camp in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. I was planning to cook a nice dinner for everyone and open some nice wines. During the afternoon, we visited Vermont's newest brewery - Hill Farmstead. They are making some really amazing beers right now and I'm planning that the next beer I have on tap at home will be from this brewery. We tasted a few beers and then purchased a growler of the Everett Porter to go.

After that, I spent the rest of the day cooking and serving a nice meal. We has some sparkling wines, a 1986 Bordeaux (Meyney), 1993 Forman Reserve Cabernet from magnum, and then 1988 Chateau Riussec for dessert. All of the wines were very good and the dinner turned out pretty well too.

After sleeping in on Sunday, my son and I went out for a lap around Lake Parker in our canoe, and then we spent a few hours fly fishing together. But, the weekend was drawing to a close, so after an early dinner, we had to head home.

Tonight, I have a lot of packing to do as I prepare to leave on vacation for a couple weeks. I feel bad taking a trip without my family, but our plans for the summer didn't go quite the way we'd hoped, and by the time some other plans fell apart, I had a plane ticket. So, I'm heading to CA to visit friends for a couple weeks while my wife holds down the fort at home. I feel guilty about going without my family, but I certainly need a vacation right now. And, my wife agrees with that sentiment. I've been working hard and despite repeated offers to stay home for my vacation, she has pretty much insisted that I take the trip I've planned.

Depending on the weather after work (potential thunderstorms), I'll either run tonight and lift tomorrow, or vice versa.

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