Friday, February 26, 2010

Short and intense

Last night was 35 minutes on the treadmill:

5 minute warm-up
(1 minute hard, 1 minute walking, 1 minute easy running) times 10

Nice and simple and hard. My fastest speed was 7:00 mpm. A year ago, I could have done all ten repeats at that speed and considered it a recovery day. But, just like my buddy Jim, I'm at a low point in my fitness level right now, and I feel like I'm just starting to crawl out of the pit. At least I'm back to doing something consistently, for at least six days per week.

After my run last night, my drive home was quite interesting. The town hadn't plowed our road for hours and the road was full of standing water, soaking wet snow, and all kinds of "features". The car pretty much went where it wanted to go and I just hoped it wanted to stay on the road. I managed to get home safely, but it was exciting. I tried to call my wife to warn her about the road, but she's managed to turn her cell phone to vibrate and never got the call.

When she got home about 30 minutes later, she was visibly shaken up by the drive. She wasn't even willing to park in the driveway. She parked by the road so she wouldn't have to fight the wet snow we haven't been able to clear from the main parking area in the driveway.

All in all, it's been a few interesting days. Today, it's windy and warm. After today, I'm going to ski the next three days - two days teaching and then one vacation day with my kids on Monday. My primary goal right now is to only ski where others have already skied. Snow this deep and this heavy is often called "ACL Snow", because it's quite easy to tear an ACL when your knee rotates but your skis won't turn. It's one of the risks of the heavier snow we tend to get on the east coast, so I just need to be careful while teaching this weekend.

But, I probably shouldn't complain that our snow isn't perfect when I have a number of friends who haven't had electricity for 48 or more hours and they have no idea when it will be restored.

Well, back to work. I can't believe how much is going on at such a tiny little company. My "To Do" list reads like a geek novel right now.

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