Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally, a workout report

After nearly 3 weeks away from the gym, I worked out last night. My workout was as follows:

Superset 1:
Squats - 2x6
Cable Rows - 2x6
90 seconds rest between each set

Superset 2:
Squats - 3x12
Cable Rows - 3x12
60 seconds rest between each set

Superset 3:
Static Lunges - 3x12 (no rest)
Lat pulldowns - 3x12 (60 seconds rest)
Dumbbell squats - 3x12 (no rest)
Barbell push press - 3x12 (60 seconds rest)

In the last superset, my quads really started to complain. I felt like I was going to cramp up and this was after taking it easy, weight-wise, in all of the sets. My heaviest squats where 205 and I didn't push the weight on any of the lifts.

After the lifting, I was supposed to do some metabolic work - rope jumping, burpees, mountain climbers, bodyweight squats, etc., in rapid order with no rest, but I was already shot, so I quit after lifting.

Tonight, I'm planning to do a running workout. I was going to run outside, but it sounds like we'll have just enough snow to make the roads slipper for cars and humans, so I might use the treadmill. The warmer air in the gym will be kinder to my lungs anyway. My last run was on 1/5 - 36 days ago. My lungs have been less than 100% most of the time since that last run.


Fat Charlie the Archangel said...

I've just now run for seven days in a row - first time in a long time.

At 9000 feet, there is no oxygen to speak of - fires die here.

I'm about to, myself : )

Damon said...

Seven running days ago for me was November 23rd. I swear I used to almost be a runner.