Sunday, December 6, 2009

Talking about skiing

Sugarbush wasn't able to open yesterday. So, I had a six-hour day indoors with other ski instructors, talking about skiing. To be honest, I don't mind talking about skiing most of the time. During the season, groups of instructors often get together after the day to have a beer or two and talk about the day. But, talking about skiing when you can't ski isn't very exciting. Yesterday was made worse by the fact that the first 2.5 hours were spent talking about safety, risk management and other related topics. I'm sure we spent at least an hour talking about the risks of falling while walking.

On the positive side, Sugarbush did open today. Because there are only two trails open, management requested that employees not ski, leaving the snow for paying customers. As much as I'd like to ski today, I understand that request and I'll wait a bit more.

I start teaching Saturday morning, so I think I'm going to take half the day off work on Friday, just so I can spend some time in my new boots and on my skis, remembering how to make a turn. It's kind of tough for me to teach the first day of our seasonal program if I'm trying to remember how to ski for myself.

My cold seems to be lingering, just as it did for my son, who got sick a few days before I did. I lifted hard last Saturday, had a half-hearted lifting workout on Sunday, and I've been idle since then. Maybe tomorrow will be the day I really get back to working out. I feel like a slug. But, this is the first complete rest week I've had all year, so perhaps it's just something that my body needs.

It feels kind of odd to me, knowing that the lottery for next year's Western States 100 was yesterday, and I just plain don't care. I wasn't in the lottery, I have no idea if or when I'll be training for a 100 miler again, and Western States seems like such a remote possibility right now. Right now, I just want to be healthy, get back to working out, and mostly, I want to ski.

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