Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Running? Oh yeah, I remember now.

My lungs are finally clear from the cold that has been dogging me for 2+ weeks. OK, maybe not 100% clear, but almost there. Last night, I did my first run since Thanksgiving Day. Regretfully, it was on a treadmill, but it was nice to be running again. I listened to tunes and just cruised my way through an easy 5 miler.

After skiing the 3 previous days, I wasn't sure how my legs were going to feel, but I felt pretty good overall. And, it was nice to just do some running again.

Between now and Christmas, like most people, I'm going to be really busy. Not only are the holidays coming up, but my company is also doing a major software release next week. My weekends are busy with teaching skiing. I still don't have a Christmas tree. And, I still have some Christmas shopping to do.

But, last night reminded me that, even on a treadmill, I still enjoy running. So, I need to make sure I find some time over the next few weeks to get back to running more regularly.

And, I somehow need to find the time to keep up with my guitar practice as well. I'm working on learning the Allman Brothers' "Melissa" and Pink Floyd's "Breathe". Both are much easier than the Dead tune "Around and Around", which has been frustrating me quite a bit recently.

Tonight, after 4 straight days of leg work, I'm going to do some upper body lifting. I'm also going to buy a Christmas tree tonight.


Laurel said...

Around and Around is pretty ambitious! You'll have to post a video when you master it... Reelin' and a rockin' what a crazy sound...

Damon said...

The chords in Around and Around are fairly easy except for the fact that they are all barre chords. It's the rhythm part that has me stymied. Its' bad enough to have to deal with the rhythm stuff with my pick hand, but on Around and Around, you also have rhythm stuff to do up the neck. With Melissa, it's very basic 4/4 strumming and it actually sounds like the song. Breathe is the same way.