Thursday, December 17, 2009

Squat PR

After not completing my bench press at 175 pounds on Tuesday, I returned to the gym with squats and vengeance on my mind last night. I set a new PR last time I did squats by doing 275 pounds. This time, I intended to go beyond that number if possible.

After my warm-ups, here were my sets:

6 x 225
1 x 265
6 x 225 (wanted to not do too much before the next set)
1 x 275 (felt easier than last time)

At this point, I was supposed to do two lower weight, higher rep sets, but I wanted to go beyond 275. So, I added 10 pounds and gave it a whirl. My depth might not have been ideal, but I completed the rep.

So, I finished with the following:

1 x 285
10 x 205
18 x 155

Then, some Bulgarian Split Squats, some step-ups, and some core work.

My hamstring was not happy with the heavy squats. Sometime in the past few days, I irritated the hamstring muscle in my injured leg. Last night's lifting bothered both the muscle and the tendon attachment point. So, today will be a rest day.

Hopefully, my leg will feel better for some hard running tomorrow before I spend the weekend on snow.

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