Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It just keeps hanging on (aka excuses)

I first started feeling a cold coming on around Thanksgiving Day. I felt sick enough that I took an entire week away from workouts. I feel fine now, but my lungs are still not quite clear. It was cold (19F) and blustery when I got out of work last night. After some early morning snow that had melted during the day and then re-froze, the footing was questionable. And, I knew my lungs weren't going to like running in the cold air. Oh yeah, it was dark and I was going to run by flashlight on an icy bike path. I just wasn't up for running in those conditions.

So, I went to the gym and lifted again. I did an upper body workout - bench presses, bent-over barbell rows, close grip lat pulldowns, dumbbell shoulder presses and dips. I finished with a little bit of core work.

Today, it's snowing like crazy. The snow is going to turn into sleet and then rain and then back to sleet and then back to snow. By the time we go to bed tonight, there could be as much as a foot of snow on the ground or we might have 6" of wet snow and sleet. I think my workout for the day is going to be running the snowblower to clear the driveway. If the snow gets covered with sleet or soaked by rain, it will take a long time to clear our driveway tonight.

The mountains are supposed to get hit hard by today's storm, and then hit hard the next few days by lake effect snow. By Saturday, the skiing could be pretty good. I'm going to ski Friday afternoon - a few runs before I start teaching Saturday morning. I have brand new boots that I've never used, and I need to get the feel for the boots before I have an audience of young students on Saturday. I'm going to ski with a couple other instructors, so we can critique each other's skiing and hopefully dial a few things in before we start teaching.

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