Friday, July 5, 2013

Hit and Run

The rain won't stop.  I should build an ark.  I haven't fished in over 3 weeks and I might not fish for quite a while.  There is a chance that our rainforest weather pattern will break next week, but by the time the streams are down to a fishable level, the water temperature may be too high for catch and release fishing.

My shoulder feels a little better.  I'm working out this week - every day so far.  I even got out on my road bike for an hour yesterday - first ride of the season, done in between storms.  I'm hoping to run a few miles tomorrow.

And then there's work.  I swear I have six months of work due by the end of this month.  I worked yesterday (the 4th of July).  I'll probably work all weekend.  I see no way to take a vacation this summer.  By September, it will be a year since I've taken off a full week.  I'm starting to feel pretty burned out, to be honest.

(Edit) My wife just called.  The brakes went out on one of our cars.  And, the car I'm driving is in need of some serious repair work.

I want my life back.  Or maybe I'm just ready to surrender to the universe.

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