Monday, July 15, 2013

Three weeks out from PRP

I made it to CrossFit four times last week.  I did some overhead work, but kept the weights very light when overhead.

Overall, the shoulder doesn't seem to have changed very much.  I do think I'm sleeping a bit better, but any gains so far have been minor.  But, the healing period following a PRP treatment can last 3-6 months, so I'm trying to not be impatient or worry that it isn't helping.  I looked over my training logs after the PRP on my hamstring in 2009, and I can't really find any comments about how the healing progressed.  I had one note from about 5 weeks after the procedure that my hamstring was "sore", but that's it.  I was lifting well during the months after that PRP, pushing all three of the powerlifts to new lifetime bests.

So, I'll simply remain patient, lift within the rules defined by my doc, and give it time.

I hoped to get to CrossFit on Friday last week, which would have been 5 consecutive days.  But, I took my car to the dealer for an inspection and a few minor issues.  I got the car back at 5:30, too late to get to the gym, and my wallet was $1536 lighter.  The work I wanted done was about $250, but the work needed to pass inspection was about $1300.  My wife and I are thinking it's time to consider trading this car.  It gets poor gas mileage (and we drive a lot - long daily commute), it's got 130K miles on it in four years, and in the last year, we've spent over $7500 in maintenance costs - way more than our car payments in that time period.

But, for right now, the car is running great.  I took it on a 2.5 hour round trip to go fly fishing Saturday.  All of that driving resulted in a single tiny wild rainbow.  One of my favorite fishing spots on the New Haven River has been drastically altered by our recent rains and near-flood conditions.  A beautiful hole on the river just downstream from a bridge, now contains two recently uprooted trees, and dry fly fishing there is nearly impossible now.

Sunday, we drove even further, meeting some friends in Keene Valley, NY for some rock climbing.  Well, my wife climbed.  I did a lot of belaying.  Even though I got my wife started in climbing, as well as one of our friends who climbed with her, I'm just not into it that much these days.  For a long time, I would climb well past my comfort level, and it wouldn't be fun.  I'm glad I've gotten to the point where I don't give in to the pressure to climb if I don't feel like it.  I have nothing to prove to anyone, I don't really like being scared, which is often the case when climbing, and I'm happy to just hang out and belay my friends.

Next weekend, I'm volunteering all week at the Vermont 100 mile endurance race.  My volunteer work starts Friday about noon and lasts through the weekend.  So, I need to get to CrossFit as much as possible for the next four nights.  The gym is going to be very uncomfortable, with high temperatures and high dew points expected for the next few days.

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