Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On a Roll - Finally

It's now been 16 days since the PRP treatment on my shoulder.  I can't say that I feel a lot better, but I don't feel any worse.  And, I'm slowly returning to some of the lifts that I've been excluding for the past few months, although I'm doing them at very light weights.

Last week, I did some push presses one day - at 45 pounds, rather than my best of about 165.  Earlier this week, I did some thrusters (a front squat followed by a push press) also at 45 pounds.  Last night, I did some power snatches at 53# and some clean and jerks at 63# - numbers far from my best, but in many ways I'm starting over.  And, these lifts didn't hurt my shoulder at all.

Up until the beginning of July, I felt like I'd been goofing off more recently.  I did some sort of exercise fewer than half of the days in June.  But, July has seen a big turnaround already.

Last week, I got to CrossFit four days, I got out on my road bike one day, and I did a sprint workout another day - 6 out of 7 days for the week.  The only day I didn't train, I got out for a little bit of fly fishing, so I wasn't completely inactive.  This week, I've trained every day so far.

Last Friday, I even got a new PR on the front squat - 250 pounds.

Today, I am a little bit sore though.  We did heavy front squats last Friday.  I did sprints on Sunday.  Monday was back squats and front squats, and last night had high volume, low weight front squats.  That's a lot of stress on the glutes and hamstrings, and I'm a bit stiff today.

Our strange weather continues.  For the third day in a row, it's been raining hard where I live.  But, at my office, an hour north of where I live, it's been mostly dry.  We have flood warnings where I live but not where I work.

This coming weekend, I'm hoping the trout streams are finally back to decent levels.  My son has to work, and I'll probably do a little bit of work on the weekend myself, but I have time to get out for some fishing.  I'm hoping to spend some time on the Middlebury and New Haven rivers.  The rivers closer to where I live - the White and the Winooski - remain too high for safe wading, and the water is very muddy as well.  Hopefully, the rivers to the west will be in better shape for the weekend.  I haven't caught a fish for three weeks right now.

And that's it.  Back to work and then off to CrossFit.

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