Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shoulder Update

My shoulder is still a bit sore, but not too bad.  In the first 24 hours after the PRP, I used some codeine for the pain and to help me sleep.  Since then, I've used a little bit of codeine, but a lot less than during that first 24 hours.  So, none of the things that worry the doctor have happened - extreme pain, swelling, reddening of the skin, etc.

Now it's a matter of being patient and being smart with the activities that I choose for the next few weeks.

After resting completely on Monday and Tuesday, I went to the gym last night.  I wanted to be very careful with the shoulder, yet do something (anything) that would stop my recent decline in fitness.  With all the rain we've had recently, I haven't been doing much on the weekends - no running, no cycling, no hiking, and not even much fly fishing.  And I've been getting to CrossFit only 3x per week recently.  Add in days missed due to the PRP and being out of town last weekend, and my June workouts have been pathetic.  From January through May, I averaged 20 workouts per month - right about where I want to be.

For June, yesterday was only my 10th workout of the month.  Hopefully, I'll get to 13 or so by the end of the month, but it will still be a poor showing.  I've only fished three times this month as well, which is also kind of pathetic.

Last night's scheduled workout started with 7x1 of split jerks - the second half of a clean and jerk - at high weights.  That was a non-starter for me.  Instead, I did some mobility work, focusing on ankles and my back.  After that, I did some easy back squats with fairly light weight, trying to focus purely on form, especially getting a deep (legal) drop and keeping my chest up.

Next, as the rest of the class moved on to the metabolic conditioning part of the workout, I found a different way to challenge myself.  I spent about 10 minutes jumping rope, working on double unders.  I was using a new heavier rope for the first time.  The heavier rope provides better feedback.  When you miss a jump, it hits you hard and you know why you missed - jumped too soon, not soon enough, not high enough, etc.  I made some progress but it's going to be a while before I'm proficient at double unders.

And then, I ran a mile.

We've had so much rain recently that part of the interstate got washed out yesterday.  We are under a flood watch until tomorrow, with a lot of rain expected overnight tonight.  It could be quite a while until the rivers return to fishable conditions.  But, while it's raining, it's also been hot.  As the river temperatures get close to 70F, I'll stop fly fishing.  Fish that are caught in warmer water have a high mortality rate and I usually don't fish in water above 70F.

Maybe I should get back to running and riding on the weekends instead of goofing off.

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