Friday, June 14, 2013

Tough Week

On Monday, after a four day break, I got back to CrossFit.  I also felt a little under the weather, but after the days off, I really wanted to get into the gym.  And, in hindsight, I probably should have skipped the gym.

As of Saturday, I'd felt like I was catching a cold.  It seemed minor - just some stuffiness in my head - but a dose of an antihistamine did nothing for me.  So, I'd rested on Sunday and tried the workout on Monday.

It was a tough workout, and at times during the workout, I felt really dehydrated, which made no sense to me after a series of rest days.  We started with back squats and front squats:

Back squats: 5 x 75% of max, 4 x 80%, 3 x 85%
Front squats: 5 x 70%, 4 x 75%, 3 x 80%

To make things more complicated, I've been working hard on some mobility issues.  I've been using a book called "Becoming a Supple Leopard", which was written by a PhD physical therapist who coaches at CrossFit San Francisco.  This coach is so well respected that the top female athlete from my CF gym spent three days working with him last winter.  It obviously paid off for this woman when she shocked a lot of competitors by winning the Northeast Regional Championship and she will be at the CF games this summer, where I predict she will surprise a few more athletes.

I bought the book primarily due to some shoulder mobility issues that I think are related to the rotator cuff problems I've been fighting.  But, every single page of the book has had me shaking my head, thinking, "Yep, that's me."

A week earlier, the coaches at Raleigh CrossFit had asked me not to increase the weight any more while doing squats when we were going for a single rep max.  It was not because I wasn't strong enough.  It was an issue with my form and their concern that I would get hurt.  I was still 60 pounds below my PR and feeling strong that night, but I listened to the coaches and stopped at 315#.  Later that night, I re-read the sections in the Supple Leopard book about back squats.  I spent time last week working on body-weight squats, but using a different stance and some different cues for my movements.

And then this past Monday, I used that new stance and some new movement patterns and worked up to a set of 3 x 315#.  All three sets were harder than that weight should have been, and I had to go lower on the front squat weights than planned to compensate.

After the squats, we did a workout that include running and a task called wall balls.  Wall balls involve squatting with a medicine ball and essentially using the momentum as you stand up to push a ball to a 10' high target on the wall.  Our workout included 120 of these wall balls, also done in my "new" squat stance.

After the workout, I was really, really hurting - just drained.  I went home and just laid on the couch for the rest of the night.  Then, I didn't sleep well at all - stuffed up head and discomfort in every muscle of my body.

I took off work on Tuesday and essentially slept all day.  By Wednesday, I felt better, but my entire body still ached.  The worst part was my legs - top of the hamstrings.  I'm sure I simply overdid the weights and reps with the new squat stance.  It's going to take a while to really get my body adapted to that new stance.

I struggled through a CF workout on Tuesday and certain movement were almost impossible - kettlebell swings, for one.  Even last night, my legs still hurt and burpees were more uncomfortable than normal.

So, today is a rest day.  If the thunderstorms stay away, I'll go out fly fishing with my son tonight.

And the weekend is booked really full.  Somehow, I'm supposed to cook a Father's Day dinner for my father-in-law (which I'm quite happy to do), even though I thought my kids should cook for me, and my wife should cook for her dad.  If I'm lucky, I'll get out for some exercise this weekend - maybe some running or sprints if my hamstrings are up for it.  If I'm really lucky, I'll exercise and get to fly fish as well, although my primary fishing partner, my son, works tomorrow and Sunday.

I want to get in as many workouts as I can in the next ten days.  After I have the PRP treatment on my rotator cuff on the 24th, I will have my activities limited for a while, so I'd rather train as hard as I can, without breaking myself, until then.

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