Monday, June 10, 2013

Moving at the speed of life

So, almost two weeks ago, I wrote a post about a fishing rod and fishing reel.  That post really got most of my limited readership all excited.  I could tell from the voluminous comments (zero).  Since that day, it seems like my life has been crazy and even workouts have been tough to pull off.

I did manage to get two workouts at the end of the week two weeks ago.  This put me at 65 CrossFit workouts from the first of the year through the end of May.  Last year, I only did 50 CF workouts in the same time frame.  I've also been running about 10-12 more workouts (all kinds of training) ahead of last year, which feels pretty good.  I got off to a slow start last year and worked hard the second half of the year.  This year, I've gotten off to a much better start, although the last 30 days or so have been pretty mediocre.

Two Saturdays ago, I was able to have a little bit of fun - farmers market, brunch with my wife, mowing the lawn (OK, not so much fun with the mowing stuff) and a little bit of fly fishing.  To be honest, on a hot, muggy night right after a rain storm, the fishing was terrible and I almost wished I hadn't gone.

The next day, I flew to Raleigh-Durham on business.  My second flight was delayed four times and I didn't get to my hotel until well after midnight.  The next day, I went to the training class I was scheduled to attend, only to find out that it started the next day instead.  So, I spent the morning modifying my travel plans, and I then worked for a few hours before going to train at Raleigh CrossFit.  The primary strength work was max weight squats, but I focused on form rather than weight and only got to 315#.

The next day, I attended a very intense hands-on programming class.  After that was done, it was back to CrossFit.  That night, I got a new PR with a 435 pound deadlift that went easier than I'd expected.

After a second intense day in the class, I went to CrossFit again and got my bench press up to 175 pounds - the best since my 195 pound PR last October and my rotator cuff injury late last year.

And after that was over, I treated myself to a nice dinner at a high end steak house in Raleigh.

The next day was my wife's birthday and luckily, I got home on time.  I was able to put a nice dinner together for her birthday, although I was simply exhausted from the way the week had gone.

I worked again on Friday and worked again most of Saturday.  It was too rainy to go fishing and I was too tired to go out anyway.  I felt really run down all weekend, like I was getting a cold.  So, I decided to do nothing all day Sunday.  I cooked a bit and mowed the lawn and took a nap.  It was my fourth consecutive day with no workout.

And now it's Monday.  I'm swamped at work.  I'm still tired.  I want to go to the gym tonight.  Actually, I will go to the gym tonight.  But, I really need this whole world to slow down a bit.  Or, I'd at least like to sit out a day or two.

I need to take some vacation time, but work is getting more and more busy all the time, and with a limited staff, vacation time can be difficult.  But, I'm going to find a way to take some time off in the next few weeks.  Somehow.

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