Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What doesn't hurt?

My hamstring is feeling better and handled the CrossFit workout last night, but it's not 100%.

Last night's workout was as follows:

7 x 1 power snatch, trying to attain a new 1 rep max.  My old PR was 115#, I believe.  I did singles at 95, 100, 105, 115, 120, and 125.  I then failed three times at 135.  After the failures, I dropped to 115 and did more single reps.

Then, 3 rounds, as quickly as possible:
10 power snatches at 95#
20 pull-ups (band assisted)
30 wall-balls (14# ball)

My time was 14:41.  The first round took about 4 minutes, but I slowed dramatically on all three segments after the first round.

Today, my shoulders are sore from doing snatches two days in a row, especially trying to do heavy (for me) snatches.

My elbows are sore from pull-ups.  I think my elbows still haven't fully recovered from the 150 pull-ups in "Eva" last Wednesday.  

My glutes are sore from the back squats on Monday.  It wasn't the squat weight that caused this.  For me, doing 10x2 at 255 pounds is not exceptionally difficult.  It was the 5 second hold in the bottom position for each squat that left me sore.

Hamstring, glutes, elbows, shoulders.  Is there anything that doesn't hurt?

Tonight's workout includes bench presses, deadlifts and strict presses.

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