Friday, October 19, 2012

Another of those tired and sore days

Wednesday night, as I wrote, we did a workout called "Eva".  The toughest part of that workout for me was the 150 total pull-ups, even broken into sets of 30 and done with assistance bands.  In reality, I borke each set of 30 into multiple sets, simply resting between my mini-sets.  Yesterday, my arms were just fried.  Not just tired, but seriously sore muscles, especially my biceps.  My legs weren't too bad, but they were a little tired from tough workouts earlier in the week and the 5 x 800m runs on Wednesday.

So, I took a rest day yesterday.

This is the workout I skipped yesterday:

5x5 push press

Then, for time:
Row 1000m
75 jump-rope double unders
50 box jumps
25 hands-off-the-floor push ups (drop until your chest hits the floor and lift your hands briefly to prove you're as low as you can go)
10 lateral box-jump burpees (do a burpee, and instead of jumping straight up to finish it, jump laterally over a box, do another burpee, another lateral jump, etc.)

On Wednesday evening, I had predicted to my wife that we would do a workout called Karen on Thursday.  Karen is 150 wall-balls for time.  Essentially, a wall-ball is a front squat holding a medicine ball, and then standing up and using the momentum from standing up to "shot put" the med ball to a mark on a wall that is 10' from the ground.

I was off a day in my prediction, and today is Karen, along with heavy front squats.

I'm working from home today, so I will go to the local gym after work today, rather than CF.  There are no medicine balls there, so I think I'll do yesterday's workout instead.

Tomorrow, I hope to find a break in the rain and get outside for some sprint work.

Sunday, I have my first day of pre-season work at Sugarbush - filling out paperwork, HR orientation, and some basic training - all requirements  before we start skiing with students in December.  Hopefully, I'll get in a workout on Sunday after the training - something like a moderately paced 8K of rowing.

It's going to be a wet weekend, so getting outdoors for workouts might be unpleasant.  And, with up to an inch of rain expected today, fly fishing is probably out of the question for the weekend.  I did see two photos of nice fish caught in VT this morning - one a beautiful rainbow taken in a tributary of the Lamoille river, and the other a nice brown from Otter Creek.  The last fish picture I posted here was a decent brown I caught in Otter Creek, but I haven't been back there since then.  But, today's rain will likely render the rivers unfishable for the rest of the weekend.

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