Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The Penn State pedophile, whose name I won't even mention here, spent a lot of time yesterday and today decrying his innocence and claiming that he would never have done any of those "disgusting acts."

He was sentenced to a jail term of 30-60 years, with no chance of serving fewer than 30 years.  Because he is 68 years old, he could theoretically survive long enough to be paroled 30 years from now.

His insistence of innocence disgusts me.  If he honestly believes he is innocent, he needs a lot of professional mental help.  If he is lying, simply to protect himself, he is just a disgusting scumbag.  I'd say he's more of a scumbag than we were led to believe earlier, but lying pales in comparison to his other crimes.

Is there legitimately any chance that all of these witnesses, including adults, and not just the young victims, conspired against him?

I remain adamantly opposed to the death penalty and I have not yet seen a criminal case that will change my mind.  But, there are times when I think that criminals should have sentences that guarantee they will never step outside a prison again.  This pedophile deserved that.

And, claiming innocence in front of his victims in a court of law is disgusting.  I am a person who believes that redemption and forgiveness are never impossible.  But, failing to own up to your own actions is not something that falls on the path to redemption or forgiveness.

May the world never see his face again!

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Sigh. I hear you.