Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not quite as planned, but a good day anyway

My triceps are still trashed from Monday's workout. And, my legs are tired from Tuesday. Late yesterday, I found out I had to be in my office rather than working from home today, as I'd planned. This means I can go to CrossFit today. Because of that option, taking a rest day yesterday became a more acceptable option, knowing I'd work hard today instead.

So, no workout yesterday. But, I ate absolutely according to plan. I had coffee for breakfast, a big salad for lunch with some leftover Thanksgiving turkey for protein. For dinner, I had a local grass-fed rib-eye steak with another salad. I had a some 3-year old Cheddar cheese for a snack after dinner.

Tomorrow will be a challenge for me. I have a social engagement after work, and it will be at a bar whose food specialties are burgers and fries. So, my first challenge is to work out in the morning. I either need to lift at home at 6:00 and then shower and drive to work, or I need to get up early and drive to the CrossFit gym for a 5:45 class. Either way, I'll need to be up early to make sure I get a workout. And then, after work, I need to find some healthy food choices and avoid the bad drink choices.

On Saturday, I'll be leading a training group of young ski instructors as we get ready to start teaching children for the ski season. So, I need to be at my best on Saturday morning to make the training day worthwhile for the young instructors who will be spending the day with me.

We start teaching customers a week from Saturday, so this weekend is our last chance to get prepared for the season.

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