Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Keeping my priorities in order

Yesterday was one of those days where it would have been easy to skip my workout. Due to bad roads (snow and ice), I worked from home most of the day. (Given the roads today, I should have stayed home again, I think.) I started work by 7:00 a.m because I had a 4:00 dental appointment. Then, my wife reminded me that the refrigerator was empty. We hadn't been grocery shopping since just before Thanksgiving, and all of the Thanksgiving leftovers were finally gone. So, after my dental appointment, we needed to get groceries. I needed to come up with a fast but worthwhile workout.

Recently, when I've been in the gym for solo workouts (not CrossFit), I've been doing heavier weights, with low reps and longer rest periods. So last night, I reversed that, for a very fast and efficient workout:

Back squat: 3x10 @ 185
Strict press: 3x10 @ 85
Deadlift: 3x10 @ 205

I took no more than a minute between sets. Including warm-ups, the workout took me about half an hour.

After that, we had time to get my daughter some new basketball shoes, get some groceries, and go out for dinner, where I had a steak and a salad.

So, my workouts are staying on track, my eating is on track, and tonight, I'm going to CrossFit.

With a lot of new snow this week, I'm really looking forward to skiing this coming weekend.

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