Friday, December 10, 2010

More CrossFit

I ate as planned yesterday and it's getting easier mentally to come up with food ideas that are grain and sugar free. Up until last Sunday or so, I think I was dealing with effects from reduced carbohydrates, but I'm feeling a lot better now. My workouts this week have been better than last week, from an energy perspective.

Last night at CF, we warmed up with some rope jumping. Then we spent 15 minutes on form work for a lift called the snatch balance. I had never done these before, and the timing is a bit awkward. On some reps, I'd extend fully after the dip and then jump a bit as I pushed the bar overhead. On other reps, I'd fail to extend fully, which would be an issue if I was trying to push more weight. This one seems to be all about form and speed, and I've got some work to do.

For the main workout, we alternated sets of 10 overhead squats and 10 push-ups. The goal was to do as many sets as possible in 10 minutes. Until recently, I couldn't even do overhead squats due to mobility issues. But, the CF coach has been helping, and my form is much better now. But, I'm still doing light weights. Some people did 95 or more pounds. I stuck to 35 pounds last night. I got through 8 full rounds plus 9 more OH squats. That was a good number, but done at a low level. My shoulders are a bit sore this morning, so I think I chose the right level.

I read something recently, perhaps on the ultramarathon listserv or Mark's Daily Apple about how CrossFit seems to be great for people under 30, who can handle the intesity. However, the argument was made that it's too demanding for older athletes and people tend to get hurt or drift away. I'm trying to take a prudent approach right now, letting the young studs do the prescribed workouts while I do the easier version. I'm hopeful that a slow ramp-up to the tougher versions of the workouts will keep me healthy and that I'll continue to improve, rather than getting burned out.

Tonight, I'll lift on my own - upper body only - and try to save my legs for my first two days of ski instruction this weekend. I'm excited to be teaching skiing again, but disappointed by a really bad weather forecast for Sunday (lots or rain and freezing rain and wind). Maybe the forecasters will turn out to be wrong.

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