Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good lifting workout

Another day of sticking with the primal diet. I had a salad for lunch with steak and cilantro and edamame (which I did not eat - a legume). And, I had 3 hard boiled eggs.

For dinner, I had broiled frogs' legs (my daughter hated them, my son thought I should have deep-fried them, but my wife and I like them), asparagus with hollandaise sauce and a salad. I had some walnuts for a snack.

My wife's car needed some exhaust work yesterday, plus a new windshield (Two recent visits to the dealer for service and I'm out over $2K, but the car is running well, especially for 164K miles!). So, my evening schedule got messed up a bit. Rather than going to CrossFit, it made more sense to go to the local gym. The workout on Monday left my triceps and shoulders sore, so I decided to do a low-rep, high weight leg workout. My triceps are actually sore to the touch - something that happens to my quads after mountain runs, but rarely my arms.

So, I went to the squat rack and started to warm up. I started with no bar, then a 45# bar, 95#, 135#, 185#, and then two big wheels - 225#. This is where my workout started. I just added weight ten pounds at a time, trying to do three reps if I could, two if I couldn't make three, and finally one. I eventually tied my squat PR from last December with a 285# lift. However, my depth was a bit questionable a year ago and this was a much better lift.

Next, I moved to deadlifts. I started at 135, and build to 275 in my warm-up. Then, I started adding ten pounds at a time, doing doubles at first and then singles. I got to 325# for the progression and realized I had no more. A year ago, I deadlifted 355#, but I'm 30# from there right now. Given that I've gained weight in the past year, I'm surprised that my squat is better than a year ago (or at least as good) and my deadlift is not as good. But, it will come back.

Tonight is CrossFit. Hopefully, we won't use our triceps at all. Hah! Coach Jade is a sadist.

I was disappointed to see that I missed doing Turkish get-ups at CrossFit last night.

Hopefully, the rain will turn to snow early in the mountains tonight. A major storm and warm air have been messing with our mountain snowpack. I'm looking forward to skiing on snow this weekend, and not ice or mud.

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