Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life still kind of overwhelming

I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I posted.

I've been swamped again at work, but I've done some good workouts and had some fun with friends and family in the past two weeks. Some of the highlights:

My wife and I had a great mountain hike two weekends ago. It was her first hike for the year and the hills took a toll on her, but we summited Lincoln Peak (between Mt. Abraham and Mt. Ellen) at Sugarbush.

In the days leading up to that hike, I'd been good about getting in my workouts, which was what I said I needed to do in my last post.

My son and I went to Fenway on Father's Day to see the Dodgers lose 2-0 to the Red Sox. I was expecting a well-pitched game given the starters and that's exactly what we got. After the game, we stayed overnight with my best friend from college. Before we left for Boston that day, I got in a great road bike ride.

And then, work hit me hard all last week. I did manage to get out early on Wednesday to celebrate my son's 17th birthday. He is eligible to take his test for his driver's license later this week and I think he's ready.

Last Saturday, I finally had a day without much work (job work) to do. It was also pouring all day. So, I fixed things around the house for my wife - some shower handles, the lawn mower, stuff like that. Because the rain never let up, I eventually went to the gym. I did all three powerlifts, with some warm-up sets, followed by work sets, and then some strength sets - gradually increasing the weight on each lift until I thought I'd probably fail on the next one.

Of course, that workout left me sore; it's Tuesday and I'm sore from Saturday's workout still.

On Sunday, my wife and I went to a NASCAR race. No, I'm not a NASCAR fan, to be honest, but my best friend from college, and his wife, who was my wife's best friend in college, are fans and they had two extra tickets to a race. For us, it was a great social event. It's so bizarre that the fans find the race boring until somebody crashes. It's sort of like rooting for career-ending injuries in other sporting events, and then wondering how they will affect the outcome. I doubt that I will ever be a car racing fan, but I did really enjoy the day with some old friends. I also got badly sunburned, which was my own stupid fault.

And now, I'm back at work and hoping to get out early enough today to get in a nice run along Lake Champlain on the bike path.

Oh yeah, my knee issues, which I mentioned in my last post, seem to be getting worse. This is certainly distressing. But, I see the chiropractor on Friday and I have my annual physical on Tuesday, so I'll ask both docs for suggestions on what to do next. I'm guessing I'll be in an MRI machine pretty soon.

I would post pictures from my hike up Lincoln Peak and my trip to the races, but the stupid upgrade of my iPhone's OS seems to have deleted my music, my photos, some e-mail accounts, but restored a whole bunch of stuff to the phone that I didn't want. This was not a good upgrade for many iPhone users.

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