Monday, June 14, 2010

A disturbing pattern

Lately, it seems that my weeks have gone like this:

Monday: good workout
Tuesday, Wednesday: repeat
Thursday: tired, skip my workout, maybe work late or go out for a beer instead
Friday: Skip another day
Saturday: If the weather is nice, do something, if not nice, do stuff around the house.
Sunday: Feel guilty and ride my bike or go to the gym.

So, this week is going to be different. This week, I'm going to do my workouts - at least the first six days of the week:

Today: Easy five mile run outdoors or treadmill sprints indoors if storms hit
Tuesday: Mountain hike/run on the way home from work
Wednesday: Lifting
Thursday: Sprints or bike ride
Friday: Bike ride, easy run or lifting
Saturday: Longer mountain hike/run
Sunday: Bike ride or lifting or rest

No more excuses.

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