Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

My biggest concern with getting ready for Western States is time. I have a full time job, working in quality management in a smalltown hospital. I am on the Select Board (Vermont term for a small town's city council) of my local town. I teach skiing to children on the weekends in the winter. And, I do a little bit of computer consulting work to help pay the bills.

Oh yeah, I have a wife and two children and two dogs and two cats.

Life is busy, but my wife is very understanding and we usually find ways to make this all work.

But, in some ways, after prior disappointments around Western States, I want to do things as well as I can this year. Given the popularity of the race these days, you never know when you'll get another chance.

Somehow, over the next 29+ weeks, I need to do everything I need to do for my family, my jobs and my training, and yet stay relaxed and calm and focused.


ollie said...

Oh great. We have another lib traiter who hates prezident busch.


Welcome to the blogosphere Damon; I'll be interested to follow your progress as you get ready for WS.

Damon said...

Liberal traitor? Hmmm, I never even mentioned politics, did I?

That's your domain Ollie. I'm hoping to stay out of that one in this blog, unless I mention local politics.

I'm up for election in early March, but so far, it looks like I may be unopposed. Hopefully I don't lose if I'm unopposed.