Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Weather on the other side of the country

In 2005, I trekked through many miles of snow early in Western States. I deliberately kept my pace down, not wanting to take any falls. When I fell apart after mile 80, I had no margin for error, partly because I'd deliberately started so slowly.

So, like many WS runners, I'll pay particular attention to the weather in the Sierra Nevada this winter. I see that they are about to get hit by a big snowstorm and I know that the Lake Tahoe area ski resorts need it.

I never want to wish anything bad upon my fellow skiers, and I really like skiing in the Tahoe area. But, I'd prefer the race to have less snow next June than in 2005.

I'm not in control of that though, so I'll pay attention to the snow stats for the Sierra Nevada and plan accordingly. If our winter continues like it's started, I'll be skiing in early June this year.

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