Monday, July 31, 2017

And now, it's been a week

It's been a week since the CrossFit workout that nearly crippled me.  Yesterday, while mowing the lawn, my left hamstring was still screaming in pain.

Later in the day, I went fishing, and I dropped an expensive box of flies in the river by accident.  I had to put down my rod and run 200 yards downstream to a slow spot to attempt to rescue the flies.  The box itself plus the flies it contained, was worth close to $400, so it had to be saved.  Amazingly, my hamstring did not complain when I was running over small rounded boulders for a minute or so.

But, today is squat day again.  And, the workout includes running.  And burpees.  I honestly don't think I can squat yet.  I might be able to jog.  Burpees are possible, but honestly, they will hurt.  My abdomen is simply not healed enough to do burpees without actual pain.  Not the normal burpee pain, but real pain.

So, I'm not sure what I can do tonight.  It's amazing to believe that a week later, a single workout still has me incapable of doing another.  And, I'm afraid that if I do try it, I may end up like last week.

We will see.  I still have five hours to decide if I want to give it a try, just do something completely different (bench presses won't hurt my hamstrings), or just go for a walk.

I'm leaning towards giving it a try, which pretty much proves that I'm an idiot.

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