Monday, April 3, 2017

Second post of the day - quick hit

For the past few weeks, my left kidney has been operating at less than 100%.  There hasn't been any clear reason for it, but my serum creatinine levels have been increasing and my eGFR levels have been decreasing, indicating some sort of damage to my one remaining kidney.

So, Friday, while I was getting some hydration and some anti-nausea medication, the oncologist wanted to do another creatinine test and also an ultrasound of my kidney.

So far, my tumors have all been on the right side of my abdomen, but a new tumor on the left kidney would be disastrous, to be honest.

I found out Friday that my creatinine was back to a normal level.  And, the nurse just called and told me the ultrasound was normal.  They don't know what was going on or why, but the problem seems to be resolved.  That is one piece of worry removed from my mind.

Later this week, I still have a CT scan to see if the chemo is working.  That is a very important test, but it's nice to have this other problem go away.

Back to work...

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