Monday, April 3, 2017

Finding that line - the one I don't want cross

Last week was an interesting week.  I learned a lot about myself, my treatments, my goals, and my limitations.  Regretfully, it wasn't all what I wanted to learn, but what's the point of so-called learning if it merely reinforces your preconceived notions.

I did cut down on the intensity of my workouts last week.  And, I managed to train 5 times - way better than the week before.

For people who don't know, a CrossFit workout is usually based on segments.  First, you get there and warm up on your own.  Maybe it's foam rolling, lacrosse ball work, stretching, anything to help heal your body before the abuse starts.

Next, we have a group warm-up.  This is targeted to the work we will be doing that day.

After the warm-up, at our box at least, we usually have a strength training segment.  Sometimes, we skip this and do a long metabolic conditioning (MetCon) workout instead, but our gym does lots of strength work.

Then comes the MetCon - 5-20 minutes usually - of high intensity work.

And then, some cooldown work, some extra training if warranted, or just some socializing about how evil the coach is.

Monday was squats.  I simply dropped the weights from the previous Monday and got through things OK.  The MetCon (Monday MetCons have been very burpee-intensive recently and I suck at burpees, but it's good practice, to be honest) was tough, but my new approach to the MetCons is a steady effort.  I had just done chemo on Monday, and my aerobic capacity is seriously affected by the chemo, so I've been trying to adopt a steady, controlled effort in the MetCons.

Tuesday was some Olympic lifting followed by rope jumping and banded pull-ups.

Wednesday was some pressing work, followed by push-ups, kettlebell swings and box step-ups (the workout said box jumps, but again, I conceded to my body's limits).

Thursday was a rest day.

Friday, we started with split lunges and good mornings.  To be honest, I was exhausted for this one and I did it pretty easy.  But, I was there and I got in some good work.  Even lightweight good mornings took a lot out of me.  Then, a little "chipper" of rowing, lightweight snatches, and push-ups.  This was supposed to take 8-10 minutes max and it took me 13+ minutes, so I should have scaled a bit more.

Saturday was a rest day.  Sunday I skied and despite feeling tired, I got into some good expert terrain on some sweet, soft snow.

Yes, some people would claim this week shows I've learned nothing.  But, in reality, I dialed things back.  I slept a lot.  I made some dietary changes recommended by my doctors.  And, most importantly, I had fun.

Today, I'm tired.  Tonight's workout is very similar to last Monday - squats, burpees, rowing, etc.  I will do the workout, but I might lift lighter than last Monday.  That's just part of the game now.  Do what I can.  Give up as little as possible.  Make some gains when I can.  Have fun.  Show up.  And, rest when necessary.

Later this week, I have a CT scan to see how my current chemo regimen is working.  If the tumors have shrunk at all, we will continue with this chemo.  If they've grown, we will consider an alternative treatment.  If things are steady, I'm not sure what will happen.  I should be terrified about this scan and the results.  The odds are not in my favor, to be honest.  This chemo works just barely 30% of the time for what I'm dealing with.  But, I can't control it, so I'm not going to worry about it.

Life goes on and I intend to just roll right along with it.

Plus, trout season starts on Saturday.  Even though we have a huge amount of rain, plus some snow, in the forecast this week, I hope to be out there chasing trout on Saturday.

Life is good.

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