Friday, March 21, 2014

Lots of snow for skiing this weekend!

I worked out hard Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at CrossFit.  Yesterday, we got to pick our work for the first part of the workout and I did bench presses and pull-ups.  I picked them primarily because I wasn't too sore to do those movements.

The second part of the workout was a CF benchmark workout called Annie.  It's 50 double unders, 50 sit-ups, 40 of each, 30 of each, 20 of each, and 10 of each, done as quickly as possible.  I can't really do double unders.  I can do a few of them some of the time, but not consistently.  I typically do this workout by doing twice as many single unders as a substitute.

My previous best time was 10:16, and I did it in 9:59 last night.  On the drive home, I was thinking about posting this new PR to Facebook.  But, I then realized that writing "I did Annie in under 10 minutes tonight for the first time ever" would only make sense to CF people, and would sound perverted or at least improper to most others.  So, I refrained.

So, today I'm sore and tired.  Last night, Sugarbush got 10" of new snow.  We are expecting more snow tomorrow.  The skiing this weekend is going to be the best it's been all season long.  This is my last weekend of teaching for the year, and we should have a lot of fun in the trees this weekend.  I need to really make this weekend fun for the group as the season winds down.  We (my students and I) have been contemplating skiing the "Elite 8" tomorrow.  Sugarbush has 8 double-black diamond runs between its two mountains.  It's a logistical and skiing challenge to ski all of them in the amount of time I have the group - about 5.5 hours.  But, I've done it before.  I don't know if this year's group is capable of going that fast, and I do worry about long lift lines for two of the runs.  So, it might not be possible.

If we don't go after the Elite 8, we will simply spend the weekend skiing off piste in the trees.

Next week, I have a two day PSIA clinic at Sugarbush that is devoted to skiing off-piste.  Given our snow conditions and the weather forecast, it should be a fun clinic.

There are even rumors of another snow storm on Wednesday, although the local forecasters think it will be too far out to sea to give us a lot of snow here in VT.

Trout season opens in three weeks and we have a lot of snow that still needs to melt and run off the mountains.  It's easy to envision an opening day where all of the streams are too high to be fishable.  But, between now and then, the skiing should be pretty amazing, and I'm planning to take advantage of that.

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The fishies can wait.