Thursday, March 13, 2014

Losing a week of workouts

This week isn't turning out the way I'd hoped it would.  I've gotten to CrossFit three times each of the past two weeks and that was my goal this week.  But, it just hasn't gone that way.

Monday was a planned rest day after skiing all weekend.  And, I was tired, so I was glad for the rest day.  My wife made it to the gym though.

Tuesday, I had a meeting in the evening.  So, I wanted to get to CF at lunch.  It takes two hours or more out of my day to get to the gym and back for a noon workout.  Work was really, really busy, and I simply couldn't spare the time.  While I was at my evening meeting, my wife made it to CrossFit again.  At least one of us has our priorities in order.

Yesterday, a big snow storm arrived.  My wife and I decided that if evening classes got cancelled due to the weather, I'd go at noon and she would take a rest day.  If no classes were cancelled, we'd go to the 5:30 class.  No classes were cancelled, so I didn't go at noon.  And then, we started to get reports about very poor road conditions, and out of safety concerns, we decided to head straight home from work so we could drive in daylight.  This turned out to be a great idea.  The roads were in poor shape and it took us two hours for our normal 55 minute commute.  I always emphasize to my ski students that safety comes first in every ski run we do.  This same rule applied to our commute last night.

Today, with about 20" of new snow on the ground, I didn't even go to my office.  I'm working remotely.  My wife has the day off to take care of some personal business.  I am guessing that I'm going to get a workout of sorts later today.  One of our cars is completely snowed in and we need to dig it out and move it so that the guy who plows our driveway can finish the job.  If my wife or kids get it dug out before I'm done working, I might go to the local gym and row 5K tonight.  That's an efficient workout that can be made as hard as you want it to be.

And then, it will be Friday - another rest day before a weekend of skiing.  With a lot of new snow, the skiing will be fun, but taxing.  I keep thinking that I might go to CF tomorrow, but I doubt that it will happen. I want to save the legs for the weekend, although with no workouts at all, I'm not sure that it's really necessary.

And suddenly, a week is gone.  Well, the work-week anyway.

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