Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eleven Days Since My Last Post

Getting sick sucks. But, even though I was sick most of last week, life has been interesting since my last post.

Right after my last post, I went to see Roger Waters perform The Wall again, this time, with my wife in Hartford, CT. It was a great show (again) and my wife and I enjoyed getting away for a trip to the "big city".

Then, suddenly, I started to feel sick. My boss sent me home from work early last Monday. That kind of stuff can happen when you work for doctors. I managed to get some work done from home the next few days, but I was really sick. By Friday, I felt good enough to go to the office, but still not quite 100%.

I did manage to make it to Boston to see some friends last weekend and see Gary Numan in concert, a 30th anniversary tour for his Pleasure Principle album. It was a solid show, although I can name a handful of songs I wish he'd played beyond the entire anniversary album.

The past two nights, I've slept a lot. I'm still just tired from being sick. My last workout was on Thursday, 10/14. Tonight, 12 days later, I'm finally going back to CrossFit. I really only have 5 or so weeks to get myself into better shape for ski season. As the ski season progresses and I hopefully get back to being consistent with my workouts, my fitness should improve. But, I have to admit that I wish I was in better shape as the ski season approaches.

Just before I got sick, I'd really started to get consistent with my workouts. Now, after 12 days, it feels like starting over in some ways.

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