Thursday, October 28, 2010

CrossFit again

My wife continues to believe this is perfect for me. Get pushed hard, do it with a group, and come home pumped from workouts. I've basically been working out solo, at least 95% of the time, since I moved away from CA almost 14 years ago. Working out in a group is great. And, because I'm the new guy, I'm finishing last in many workouts. This means that everyone else is watching me and encouraging me, and I can't back down or go half-assed.

Last night, we started with some foam rolling and using lacrosse balls to massage "hot spots". Then, a warm-up of 50 kettlebell swings at a weight and pace of your choosing.

Then, ten minutes of form work on split presses. Then 3x10 of box jumps - sit on one box and in a single continuous movement, stand up and jump up and onto another box. I almost killed my shins on this one until the coach helped me with a more appropriately sized box.

And then, the real workout. Because I can't yet do a muscle-up (sort of a pull-up followed by a dip on rings), I did the substitute sequence:

7 deadlifts, 14 band-assisted pull-ups and 21 push-ups. Times three. For time.

I used #235 for my deadlifts - well below my max, but something that would be tough for 3 sets of seven. The first set went well. The pull-ups, even assisted are not easy for me right now. Then, push-ups, deads and pull-ups again. And then, it was Pukey the Clown time again. I have to get better at pacing myself or maybe try using lower weights until I get used to the pace of the workout. After a 2 minute break out back, I returned. Some people were done, but I wasn't. And, I wasn't going to quit. So, with most of the gym watching, I pushed through the workout, finishing in 10:30.

The coach gave me my CrossFit shirt last night, so I guess I'm really part of the "team" now.

I'll go to one more class tonight before I head out of town to see the Michigan at Penn State football game this coming weekend.

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