Monday, May 15, 2017

Sleep Comes Down

If anyone can possibly guess where the title of this post comes from, I'm not sure what the prize should be.  I'd suggest that I could offer my 12" vinyl version of the Psychedelic Furs' song Sleep Comes Down, but I don't want to part with it, to be honest.  And now, I've answered the question.


That's all I do any more.

I slept almost 80 hours last week - almost half of the week.  I had one day where I only slept 8 hours.  Over this past weekend, I slept 29 hours in a 39 hour period.  I did sneak out fly fishing for about 4 hours on Saturday.  It was fairly easy fishing, yet it took so much out of me and I took a 4.5 hour nap to recover from the fishing.

Today is 2 weeks since my last chemo session.  The last time I went 3 weeks without chemo, I couldn't stay awake that third week.  I'm hoping that's not the case this time.  I'm hoping this is the week that I turn the corner and start to see some improvements in my mental and physical capacity.

With the chemo over, and surgery in 24 days, I really want to be in the gym, training as much as makes sense.  I think this will help with my surgical recovery as it has in the past.  So, no matter how tired I feel these coming weeks, I'm going to try hard to get to the gym or get out walking with the dog.  Right this minute, I've done one half-assed CrossFit workout in the last 9 days and nothing else.

Fishing isn't exercise.  Mowing the lawn (from a tractor) is not exercise.  Cooking dinner isn't exercise.  And, napping for 1-6 hours at a time is most certainly not exercise.  I am honestly amazed that anyone can tolerate this chemo and still live anything resembling a normal life.

Regretfully, an acquaintance in CA is just starting this chemo for the same reason that I did it, and I think I've scared her with my stories about fatigue.  I certainly hope things go better for her.  She is doing this in a more traditional method - every 3 weeks rather than 2, and a Neulasta shot between every round.  I hope that gives her the energy to thrive through the next few months.

Otherwise, there is nothing new.

I still can't seem to catch a fish to save my life.

I'm working on my travel plans for my surgery.  Working.  And, napping whenever I get the chance.  I never imagined I would be a person capable of sleeping this much, much less wanting to be asleep this much.

But, this is a different chapter of life and things are just different right now, I suppose.

For now, I will just go with the flow.  I know the fatigue will start to fade soon.  My anemia will resolve.  My other blood test results will start to trend towards normal.

And then, just as I start to feel decent, they are going to cut me open.  But, right now, I have 24 days to get ready for that event, and I plan to do that the best I can.

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